MTW Milling Machine

Feedstock Size: <50mm


Fields Of Application: It is applied into grinding processing, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, mineral products processing and solid waste materials.

Suitable Materials: It is suitable for various non-flammable and non-explosive mineral materials, which Moh’s hardness is under 7 and humidity is below 6%.

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Milling efficiency

Production: curved blade design is unique and the materials can be oriented facade, which makes the grinding roller grind uniformly. And it can increase the effective working area and improve the yield as well.

Product quality: high efficiency cage-shaped powder selecting machine can ensure that the velocity field is stable and the shell with cage rotor adopts pneumatic sealing, which can effectively eliminate the "coarse powder" phenomenon.

Lower operating cost

Downtime: equipped with built-in pump, no need of a pump or lubrication, it can realize the lubrication cycle between the main shaft and the gear shaft bearing.

High utilization rate of materials: blade adopts split design, which just needs to change the shovel blade; blade with high wear-resistant alloy material has long service life, greatly reducing the cost of production.

Low energy consumption

To reduce the resistance, no accumulation of materials: the use of curved duct and tangential air flow into the sliding reduce the resistance. The export orientation to the dispersion of the material inside is not easy to jam.

Avoid the eddy current effect: with no resistance and the air inlet, the observation of surface and the volute door inner surface are on the same surface, thus it can effectively avoid the eddy current effect.

Small area

Compact: the design of tapered gear driving the spindle overall transmission and integration structure makes the machine more compact structure, which make installation and adjustment faster and more convenient.

Beautiful appearance: the appearance adopts the arc structure design, elegant simplicity.

Closed system: The bulk materials are crushed to the desired size by jaw crusher. Then the materials will be sent to the storage hopper by the elevator. After vibrating feeder, materials will be even quantitatively and continuously into the indoor host grinding. After grinding, the powder is away by fan airflow, the powder selecting machine will grade the powder. Accord with the fineness of fly will be into the large cyclone collector with the gas flow through the pipe to be isolated and collected, and then the powder will be discharged from the powder tube discharge. The airflow returns air duct fan from large cyclone collector inhalation top.

Open system: In the grinding chamber internal grinding material with certain water content, the grinding heat generated in grinding chamber gas vaporizing expansion changes the gas flow rate, and the various machine pipe joint seal is not strict, let the outside gas is inhaled, the circulating air volume increase, therefore to achieve balance through adjustment of air exhaust fan and host the pipe, and the excess gas into the bag filter, the residual gas into the powder collected, the residual gas is discharged after purification.

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