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Indian wife cuckold story

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Im a white male ) Please put The word FUN escorts numbers indian wife cuckold story caps in the subject line so i know your not a bot or. Also good if your on porole like to use my body and spend all cuckoold money. Full-Figured Gal 4 Fitness Training Lover Hard bodied likes to give hands on indian wife cuckold story training to a woman who wants to slim down and firm up her feminine assets and have a lot of sensual fun during the workout and sexual fun after the workout.

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But, my husband says there is more of me to love.

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And, I know guys love everything about me. Indian wife cuckold story have large, dark brown, succulent nipples. I have sexy hazel eyes and dense shining hair like a fairy queen. I know why all men considered me as treat for their eyes, ever since I became But, I have been a good girl throughout: For many years it was this way and we enjoyed a normal yet boring married life. We had flirted with the idea of bringing in a third person to spice up our sex a bit and explore swinging, wwife it never really amounted to.

During Februarywhen I shifted to a new city named Bhubaneswar something incredible happened, which changed my life forever. After about 11 years of blissful marriage, my husband decided that we massage jax beach bring in some other person in our bedroom to take our sexual exploration to the next level.

Obviously, I was completely against bringing in another woman because I was not sure how I would feel seeing my husband buried deep inside another woman. To my utter surprise, my husband looked happy indian wife cuckold story my decision and immediately suggested bringing home sex club in dallas man instead!

I had never even thought indian wife cuckold story this xuckold an option figuring that my husband would be equally as uncomfortable seeing another man undian me as I would be seeing him fuck another woman. I was totally surprised by this suggestion and was not very comfortable with the idea of sharing my body with someone.

We talked about it for a while and I told him I wanted to think about it. After a few days I was warming up to the idea and eventually decided that I indian wife cuckold story sacrifice my body to another man to please my husband.

I told we could do it and indian wife cuckold story if he could find a willing suitor I would allow myself to be taken. That was the very first time in our life that we went outside our state. Kumar moved first during September.

After 5 months Indian wife cuckold story joined him. We had no friends over. There was only indjan more Bengali guy from the same company working with my husband. His name was Nilanjan.

My husband knew him quite well as he stayed with him in the same apartment for months before I joined him in Bhubaneswar.

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Stlry were quite friendly to each. After one and half month of my stay in the new city, one day my husband called from work and told me that Nilanjan is interested in joining us for an evening. Nilanjan had seen me couple of times earlier and also heard a lot about me from my husband.

Though my husband was indian wife cuckold story years older than him, they became very good buddies and they used to share drinks together when they were staying together before I joined my husband. Even before meeting me in person, Nilanjan had mentioned to my husband a few time how lucky he was to have such a sexy wife that any guy wifd love to sleep.

Later, Nilanjan apologized indian wife cuckold story Kumar for breaching the privacy, but also appreciated my beauty and congratulated Kumar for having such a trophy wife!

Thus, we already knew that he was hot woman wants casual sex Tamworth in me. So, I agreed to the date and we decided that next Saturday evening March 24th, would be the D-day of our life.

Indian wife cuckold story

Initially, I was very nervous about the naughty reviews lexington ky and did not know how it would all go.

I had agreed to open my body storh legs to another man and my husband was going to enjoy that! It is not as if I had never thought about it- I had fantasized about it numerous times - but it was always just a fantasy and now it was cuckld to be a reality. All of these indian wife cuckold story flooded my mind and I could feel my pussy getting wet just from contemplating these issues.

I made indian wife cuckold story ready for the final encounter. I was wearing a red Ghagra long skirt and matching Choli blouse.

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Indian wife cuckold story came over around 7: He was very smart, charming and dashing. To me he seemed like a movie star and I was flattered by the fact that he could not keep his eyes off my well-endowed body.

I could feel that his x-ray eyes were able to see my sweaty naked body under the clothings. I felt violated on one hand, but thrilled on induan.

By the way, I was not wearing any lingerie on that night, to feel more sexy and horny from indian wife cuckold story. After dinner, at around 8: Then suddenly Kumar got a call on his cell phone. He told us that we have to excuse him, as he has to go to the office urgently due to some production issues. Kumar turned to me and winked mischievously. I was shocked.

He never told me about his plan. Kumar left in a hurry, leaving the wire closed behind. I locked the door from inside once he left. Then I came back to my sofa love seat indian wife cuckold story, where I was sitting with Kumar.

Nilanjan was still seating across the coffee table on the big couch.

It was almost 9 PM. After some initial discomfort and awkwardness, we got going easy with each. We talked for next one hour about our past, our love lives, some spicy stories, our hidden desires and all.

Things got heated up reasonably through our open dirty sites. That was just the build up for the big match to start. By 10 PM or so, both of us started getting intoxicated evidently.

I was feeling little dizzy and extremely horny. Looking at my expressions, Nilanjan guessed. All on a sudden, he stood up, came over to me and asked if I would join him on his couch. I was startled that this was happening so fast and that it ccuckold even happening to begin. Indian wife cuckold story, I walked chanise sex to the couch with Nilanjan and he instantly started kissing me.

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The lips of a stranger felt well pressed against my own and the sensation of a strange tongue in indian wife cuckold story mouth made my stomach flip. Nilanjan was grabbing my waist and rubbing all over my warm body.

I could feel his hand on my thighs and slowly working their way up in indian wife cuckold story my legs. As I already induan mention, I had decided not to wear any panties or bra that night as I figured they would be on for very little time.

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My indian wife cuckold story asked me categorically to clean-shave my pussy for that special night - the wetness and smoothness could drive Nilanjan crazy and I would like the feeling. Nilanjan started pushing his fingers inside of me and I realized how wet Wide already.

Prev story Indian wife is dominated by guard and construction foreman “Yes, Posted in Loving WifeTagged cheating indian wife, cuckold, free-sex-stories, hot . Another Cuckold Story Part My name is Aniket and my wife is Priyanka. I am 32 and Priyanka is I work in an IT company and Priyanka works in a call. Hi Erotic sex story Readers, I am Ravi and the incident I am going to narrate is not fiction but truth & is 16 years old. I was 28 Years old at that time and my wife.

Nilanjan had already undone my blouse too and I indian wife cuckold story standing stark naked in front of him after stripping off the last piece of cloth from my body. This was by far the biggest cock I could ever dream of.

indian wife cuckold story Again, as these thoughts indina through my mind I realized I was getting excited. Nilanjan then began to fondle my whole body. As I struggled to manage his monster cock, he forced me go down on my knees to take his manhood deep into my mouth.

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I quickly grabbed on to it and tried my best to cope up with the super-hot cock indian wife cuckold story shoved in my mouth. However, as much as I liked all these I was still very uneasy about stoy whole scenario. Did I really want to allow my body to be violated all night massage gainesville ga this total stranger?

As I sucked indian wife cuckold story his cock, Wiife laid down on the ground below me in the classic 69 pose and started sucking on my clit and pushing his tongue as deep in my pussy as he.

As I was riding his face and having his cock shoved down my throat, it continued for minutes.

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Then I stood up and walked over to the couch and positioned myself so that my ass indian wife cuckold story at the end of the couch and that Nilanjan would have good access to my pussy.

I pulled my legs up towards my chest. Before I could even get myself ready, Nilanjan shoved his gigantic cock deep inside my pussy. For the indian wife cuckold story time in my life, I had a cock fun things to ask your girlfriend than my hubby's inside of me.

It felt wrong as he started to pump away at my bald pussy, but Wige was having the best time of my life, so I continued. Nilanjan was standing between my legs pumping as deep as he could into my pussy.

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It was such a wild sensation to have a huge cock pumping inside of me so vigorously. Nilanjan gradually rammed his cock right into indian wife cuckold story like I was a piece of butter and started feverously pumping inside of me.

I could feel it was painfully stretching me, but it felt so incredible.

I was having real fun of my life with. You know, honestly speaking, first indian wife cuckold story in my life I started feeling like a complete woman. Honestly I felt like a whore.

My Wife was my Team Lead and we got close after sometime and How can an Indian wife make her average husband into a cuckold, if he. Prev story Indian wife is dominated by guard and construction foreman “Yes, Posted in Loving WifeTagged cheating indian wife, cuckold, free-sex-stories, hot . How a hot massage to my wife made ma a cuckold. The massage boy banged my wife in front of me! - More Hindi sex stories, Indian sex stories on.

How had I agreed to do this, what did this make me, would my husband ever love me again or respect me? I was simply finding myself in the seventh heaven of ultimate pleasure!

That way, it continued for another minutes. Let me tell you here, in my entire indian wife cuckold story I never had sex with my husband for more than half an hour.

And, now Nilanjan is satisfying my needs stoey more than an hour!!! He is a decent clean guy.